JMS Audioware

SawStudio Plugins

  • Batch File Generator -- Automates exporting of many file times from the Multitrackl
  • Program Compressor -- A very musical sounding compressor optimized for program material
  • PanMaster 4000 -- Fully automated AutoPan/Tremelo with lots of options
  • Cue Sheet Generator -- Do your CD layouts directly in SAW!
  • RCDelay -- Two discrete DDL lines with extremely flexible routing
  • Hi-Resolution Equaliser -- 64bit precision high quality EQ
  • Latency Compensator -- compensates (in samples) for plug-ins (including hardware DSP-based plug-ins) which incur latency
  • JMS-Buss Extension and Send/Receive Module -- similar to the old SAW Aux Send/Return module, also allows for heavy sidechain EQ'ing with the Program Compressor
  • LACE MP3/Ogg Vorbis Encoder -- MP3 using either LAME or Blade codecs, Ogg Vorbis using VorbEnc
  • Metronome -- a programmable click track to complement SawStudio's Tempo mode.
  • Freeverb -- an adaptation of Jezar's excellent Freeverb algorithm, with enhancements, and (of course) full automation.
  • Ignition Linker -- allows the older Ignition CD-Burning program for SawPro to function in Studio. You must be a registered owner of Ignition and install Ignition into the SawStudio folder.
  • Center Channel Eliminator -- SawPro had this built in, but it was left out of Studio.
  • WinJammer Sync Linker -- Allows the WinJammer Sync plugin from SawPro to function in Studio.
  • FX32 Linker -- Allows plugins from the SAWPro/32 family to function in SawStudio.
  • X-Keys Helper -- Tricks SAW into seeing an 'escape sequence' of characters as various mouse clicks. Useful for assigning an X-Keys device to some of SAW's more 'mouse-centric' functions.