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Ignition Linker

The SawStudio Ignition Linker is a freeware SawStudio plugin that allows the IQS/Nero 'Ignition' SAW32 CD-Burning plugin to function in the SawStudio enviroment. Please note you must be a registered owner of Ignition for the Linker to function; it DOES NOT INCLUDE IGNITION. Development was carried out using the current Ignition version, 1.6 and SawStudio version 2.3.


a) First, you should confirm your ASPI layer is installed and functioning correctly. To do this, verify that Ignition is functioning properly in SAWPro.

b) Run the 'iglnk10.exe' installation program.

c) Now you need to install Ignition into the Studio enviroment. Run the standard Ignition install program. When asked for the location of SAWPro, instead point the installer at your SawStudio folder. Note you should just point it at the Studio folder, NOT the SawStudio\Native_Plugins folder. After Ignition copies its files, an error will be generated. This is normal; it is a result of Ignition's installer not being able to find the SAWProFX.ini file. Disregard and continue.


Ignition should function transparently in Studio... Use F-Res patch point on a output track, and then the 'Build to FX' option -- just like in SawPro.