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Metronome for SawStudio

Metronome Screenshot

Click here for information regarding the SawPro/32 version of the Metronome.

What's new in version 1.6?

Metronome should now accurately chase the Tempo Map -- note that time signatures are still ignored, but the actual tempos should chase accurately now.

What's new in version 1.5?

Metronome now functions correctly at high sample rates, 88.2kHz and above. It also performs sample rate conversion on the 'click' sample when playing back at sample rates other than 44.1kHz.

What's new in version 1.4?

The Metronome can now generate MIDI Clock messages to allow for syncronization with programs that accept this. Right-clicking anywhere on the Metronome display will open a menu featuring a 'Generate MIDI Clock' option, as well as 'MIDI Options.' The latter allows you to set which MIDI interface the messages will be sent to, while the 'Generate MIDI Clock' option is self-explanatory. Note that 'Generate MIDI Clock' can be toggled on or off during playback, with correct syncronization.

Also, several bugs were fixed. The Metronome would previously vanish on occasion, and be unrecoverable. Also, it would sometimes be confused as to the proper tempo at the start of a new session. These issues have (hopefully) been resolved.

What's new in version 1.3?

You can now import your own Click sounds. Right-clicking anywhere on the Metronome display will open a menu featuring a 'Load Sound' option. Currently supported are 16 and 24 bit mono and stereo files. Sample rate is ignored; you may have to Sample Rate convert your sound if the playback speed is too wrong.

Also, upon launch the Metronome will look for a file called 'click.wav' in your SawStudio folder. If this file is present and valid, it will be used as the default click sound. Upon loading an EDL that uses a custom sound, the Metronome will attempt to load the same sound from the same location. If this fails for any reason, the default sound will be used.


Metronome provides a programmable click output based on SawStudio's tempo setting.


Download the executable file 'ss_click.exe' from the download page and run it. Metronome uses the standard IQS Installation program that you know and love.

Notes on use

Patch the plug-in into any track you like, but note that a "dummy" region of any length must appear anywhere on the track you use to "wake up" the track. By default, the click is a 4 count with the '1' accented. This is completely programmable (and automatable) and will be saved with your EDL. It works just like a drum machine, with 16 segments; an orange light denotes an accented hit while a red is non-accented.

The up/down control to the right of the programming buttons allows you to set the pattern to anything between 1 and 16 beats. If you work in anything other than 4/4, you'll probably want to adjust this (i.e. 12 for 3/4, etc.) There are also some creative uses for this, such as cross-keying a gate with an odd numbered pattern for some fun polyrhythms.

The 'dyn' control on the lower left controls the dynamic variation between accented and non-accented hits. The 'thru' control controls the amount of signal passed thru the plugin; it defaults to none.


Everything except the 'number of beats' is automated.

This plugin is freeware.