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Metronome for SAW (updated 2-05-01)

Metronome Screenshot


Metronome provides a programmable click output based on SAW32/SAWPro's tempo setting.


First, download the plugin here (74k). To install, save the file 'click.dll' into your SAW directory and add the following line to the 'SAW32FX.ini', 'SAWPlus32FX.ini', or 'SAWProFX.ini' file:


Please be sure you end the line with a carriage return or SAW will not be able to use the plug-in.

Notes on use

Patch the plug-in into any track you like. Note that if there are no Multitrack entries on the track you will need either a dummy entry at the end of the EDL or a 'blank' sequence entry (just like an aux return). By default, the click is a 4 count with the '1' accented. This is completely programmable and will be saved with your EDL. It works just like a drum machine, with 16 segments; an orange light denotes an accented hit while a red is non-accented.

The up/down control to the right of the programming buttons allows you to set the pattern to anything between 1 and 16 beats. If you work in anything other than 4/4, you'll probably want to adjust this (i.e. 12 for 3/4, etc.) There are also some creative uses for this, such as cross-keying a gate with an odd numbered pattern for some fun polyrhythms.

The 'dyn' control on the lower left controls the dynamic variation between accented and non-accented hits. The 'thru' control controls the amount of signal passed thru the plugin; it defaults to none.

Note that Metronome will NOT track tempo map changes; this is not easily facilitated with the API.

This plugin is freeware. Enjoy!