JMS Audioware

Latency Compensator

The Latency Compensator compensates for latency :)

Of interest to the hardware-DSP crowd, and also useful for other plugins which introduce latency. I wrote the compensator to allow the very excellent (and free) SIR Convolution Reverb to function in realtime in SawStudio. SIR always has a latency of 16,384 samples... hence the latency compensator is preconfigured to include this value. If you haven't tried SIR yet, I heavily recommend it... It has revolutionized my reverb collection, looks like Freeverb is finally getting retired :)

Simply enter the number of samples you wish to compensate, and the plug-in will shift the the channel forward in time. As you enter new latency values for various applications, each new value will be remembered in the pull-down box, allowing you to quickly create a library of often used values. If you wish to manually edit the list, the file "SawStudio\Native_PlugIns\latency.ini" is user editable, and contains the preset values.

Note that playback must be stopped and started for any change in the latency value to take effect.

This plug-in is freeware, with absolutely no warranty of any sort.