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Hi-Resolution Equaliser for SawStudio/SAWPro/32, v1.9

Click here for the DirectX version of this plug-in.

Hi-Resolution EQ Screenshot

Revision History

What users have been saying...

  • Each band features individual selection of six filter types
  • Fully parametric; Q control adjustable to extreme settings
  • Real time frequency response graph, for visual feedback
  • 64 bit double precision floating point
  • Very fast, hand optimized assembly language signal processing
  • Preset system, including user definable 'default' settings
  • Full automation of virtually everything (in SawStudio)
  • Copy/paste functionality speeds up the transfer of settings
  • Instant online purchase; immediately upgrade the demo version to full functionality
  • One registration for SAWPro/32, Saw Studio, and DirectX versions
  • Support for the JMS-Buss Extension
  • $75 USD