JMS Audioware

Actual user comments regarding the EQ...

"It is as they say THE BOMB!" -- Tim Kirk, IQSystems

"Great job... your performance is excellent..." -- Bob Lentini, author of SawStudio & SawPro

"Sounds awesome and has a brilliant interface - it has become one of the first things I reach for" -- Steve Berson

"Just ordered it! The demo sounds great...great work." -- Clint Bennett

"the new EQ is amazing" -- Veit Kenner

"A very musical sounding, highly accurate production tool that I whole heartedly recommend to anyone. This plugin is of the highest quality & has already made a huge difference in the musicality of my recent mixes." -- Michael McInnis

"I swore I would never buy another 3rd party plug in since others that I had tried were only trouble! But after hearing this, I HAD to have it! How sweet it is!" -- Milton Finks

...and lots more...