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RCDelay, v1.2

RCDelay Screenshot

Here's an actual user quote: "You should have a 'danger sign'... 'warning: this may be too fun for your creativity to stand'! :)"

Revision History

  • two discrete 'physically modelled' delay lines. As the delay time is altered during playback, the delay will not hiccup -- it will slide to it's new value, just like an analog unit. Fully automatable, of course.
  • Fully automatable controls, including...
    • source -- feed the delay line with left, right, center, or 'feedback only'
    • feedback -- post filtering, of course
    • cross feedback -- feeds the other delay line
    • hi and lo pass filters -- moderately resonant for effect
    • level and panning
  • Alternative means are available to set the delay time, including....
    • set to 'Marked Time'
    • set to tempo
    • Half, double, or dot (1.5x) the delay time
    • Copy settings from other delay
  • The two delays can be linked, or they can be controlled completely indepedently.
  • Very fast, hand optimized assembly language signal processing
  • Preset system, including user definable 'default' settings
  • Full automation of virtually everything (in SawStudio)
  • Copy/paste functionality speeds up the transfer of settings
  • $75 USD

The RCDelay is invaluable for everything from straight slap type delays to very complex assymetrical ping-pong type effects. The delay line is active while the time is being altered. This sounds much like a real tape delay unit does. It's quite fun to automate the delay time and feedback controls to create dub-like effects... but be careful! By design, the RCDelay will not protect you from yourself! The two delays feeding back on themselves will do exactly what two hardware units would do if improperly setup -- i.e., feedback!

The demo is fully functional; however, after twelve minutes it stops working. Restarting SAW will reset the counter.