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Cue Sheet Generator, v1.9.1

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Revision History

First of all, what's a CUE sheet?

A Cue Sheet, or Cue file, is a text file that describes the contents of a CD in great detail, actually leaving nothing up to the burning program. Pioneered by Jeff Arnold at Goldenhawk Technology for use with his DAO and CDRWIN programs, the CUE file has been embraced as a defacto standard. It's now recognized by many CD burning packages, including Nero, CDRWIN, DAO, and Exact Audio Copy.

The Cue file references an audio file (or audio files, depending upon your preference). Cue Sheet Generator creates both the Cue file and the associated WAV files automatically based upon your layout. Any burning program which supports the CUE file format will then create the exact disc you have laid out. Exact Audio Copy is proving to be a favorite -- it links seamlessly to CSG for very painless CD layout creation and burning. AND it's free.


  • Graphical display of Index Placement directly on SAW's Multitrack Display
  • New for v1.1! Cue files can auto-launch the burning program of your choice. Nero 6 and Exact Audio Copy actually load up the .cue sheet automatically, too -- you just hit 'Burn.'
  • Full PQ control -- including full support for CD-Text
  • Keyboard shortcuts for placing and removing Entry markers, which work directly in the SAW Multitrack
  • Entry markers can be "dropped on the fly" and deleted, as well
  • Patchable on ANY track, 16 bit or 24 (24 bit audio is truncated to 16bits)
  • User definable PQ offset times and file naming conventions, which are saved with the program's preferences
  • Build either one large WAV file or one file per track
  • ISRC and Media Catalog Number support
  • Simplifies creation of Exabyte masters (most, if not all, Exabyte utilities take a .CUE file as input)
  • Functional demo version (will output a maximum of three tracks)
  • Instant online purchase; immediately upgrade the demo version to full functionality
  • $50 USD