JMS Audioware

Cue Sheet Generator Revision History

Version 1.9.1 changes:

    Deep breath...
  • changed time explanation text
  • automagically convert other all illegal characters in generated filenames to underscore
  • Fix: Ctrl-C Misidentified 'Album Title' as 'Album Artist'
  • Added new Ctrl-C fields: added MCN, EDL Path/Filename, CueSheet Path/Filename, ModTime, Expanded CD-Text into CD-Title,CD-Performer,CD-Songwriter,Track-Title,Track-Performer,Track-Songwriter
  • Added 'Last Modication of Cue Sheet' tracking, and option to include it in Ctrl-C output
  • Removed 'Trk' before track number on Ctrl-C output
  • New Disc options: Autofill ISRC codes -- takes a master ISRC code on the disc page and automagically creates individual ISRC codes sequentially
  • Autofill per-track Performer and Songwriter CD-Text fields -- Uses the global CD Performer and Songwriter fields on a per-track basis
  • Both of these new functions disable the relevant fields in the 'Edit' window, displaying the automatically supplied data.
  • Added 'select all' and 'clear all' to ctrl-c dialog
  • Added Berson's picture, bonus points to he who correctly spots Steve
  • put cute little boxes around sections of Ctrl-C stuff
  • Removed 'ISRC' label from Ctrl-C output... not the actual ISRC, just the text, "ISRC"

Version 1.9e changes:

  • If the Multitrack Marked Area is set, a warning is displayed and Cue Sheet generation is prevented until the marked area is cleared (or set appropriately). This should hopefully clear up some phantom issues that have been lurking for a few users...
  • CSG now restores its previous state upon EDL load -- i.e., if CSG's window was open on EDL save, it reopens on load.
  • What happened to 1.9d, you ask? Don't! :)

Version 1.9c changes:

  • Bugfix -- CD's can now have 99 Indexes as opposed to 98.
  • Bugfix -- CD-Text fields which were not set no longer cause text corruption when naming files using escape codes on the 'Setup' page.

Version 1.9b changes:

  • Compatible with current version of LACE, beta7.

Version 1.9 changes:

  • Features... The entire cuesheet setup can now be saved and loaded from the 'Disc' screen
  • Cuesheets can now be generated with no audio files; also on the 'Disc' screen. Generating a cuesheet without audio does not require a 'Build Mix' operation.
  • The audio files' filenames are now fully customizable using a set of escape codes on the 'Settings' page. Note that these customized filenames are passed to LACE as well, so that your MP3/Ogg filenames correspond to your CD-Text title entries.
  • Bugfixes... The possibility of multiple CSG's being patched in one EDL has been fixed.
  • The elusive 'soft-clipping' code has been fixed... again.
  • Occasionally, when routing virtual busses with certain effects back to the main bus, CSG would generate a file of ear shattering, disgustingingly distorted audio. This is better now.
  • Shift-TAB now correctly goes to the previous CSG entry.

Version 1.8c changes:

  • Bugfix. Track-transitions were sometimes corrupted when building multiple output files. This bug was introduced in v1.8 by the 'soft-clipping' code.

Version 1.8b changes:

  • The 'Copy Track info to Clipboard' function has been enhanced. The Option to inclue the automatic two second pre-gap present at the start of all audio CDs is now available. This function is activated by pressing CTRL+C within CSG's main window.

Version 1.8 changes:

  • Full paths are no longer listed in the .cue file. This makes moving your CSG-generated files a LOT easier; you can even burn over a network.
  • CTRL+'Kill' now deletes ALL entries, with a confirmation prompt.
  • CSG now soft-clips overs (ala SawStudio 'soft clipping') instead of wrapping them around (ala Old SAW w/soft clipping turned off)
  • Windows "Error 32" is now explained (it is a file sharing error -- one of the files CSG is trying to generate is probably open in SAW)
  • Some dialog tab-stops have been repaired.

Version 1.7 changes:

  • Ctrl-C now opens a "copy text to clipboard" window, which makes exporting track information MUCH easier.
  • CSG can now be used in conjunction with LACE to automatically generate MP3 or Ogg Vorbis files.
  • Sometimes the "Edit" window would inexplicably open. This has been fixed.

Version 1.6 changes:

  • Rewrote some internal structures, making the DLL smaller.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if a track length was a multiple of 8192 samples.
  • Added suport for alternate KeyGen which Share-It inadertantly posted -- i.e., any code issued by Share-It for CSG will now unlock CSG.

Version 1.5 changes:

  • Multiple entries can now be moved at once -- just mark the entries you wish to move on the Multitrack and use the 'Move' command as usual.

Version 1.4 changes:

  • Made entry lines full height of multitrack window
  • Fixed issues with the 1.3 changes

Version 1.3 changes:

  • CSG now works in SAWPlus32, SAW32, and SAWPro. The actual plugin (.dll) is identical to the SawStudio version, but a seperate installer is provided for your convenience.
  • Generated WAV files now include the .CUE file name in their names -- allows many projects to co-exist in one folder if you wish.
  • SawStudio progress bar now correctly comes to the top during a build.
  • Cancelling a build now correctly aborts CSG.
  • The CONTROL key must now be held when using the Insert and Delete keys to add and remove CSG entries in the Saw Multitrack. Without the Control key, Insert and Delete function as normal SAW keys.

Version 1.2 changes:

  • Fixed parsing issues with the 'launch burn program' options.

Version 1.1 changes:

  • Added the option to automatically launch the burning program of your choice upon completion of the build -- works especially well with Exact Audio Copy.