JMS Audioware

Program Compressor

Program Compressor Screenshot

Revision History

  • Designed to actually sound like a compressor :)
  • Detection is fully variable between Peak and RMS
  • Highly optimized attack and release curve for maximum musicality
  • Linked stereo or split mono operation
  • Sidechain can be routed from ANY SawStudio input source
  • One band of Hi-Res EQ on sidechain, for 'active equalization' tasks (including de-essing)
  • Preset system, including user definable 'default' settings
  • Full automation of virtually everything (in SawStudio)
  • At least 64bit floating point precision throughout
  • High performance, i.e. minimum CPU drain per instance
  • Fully functional time limited demo
  • Instant online purchase; immediately upgrade the demo version to full functionality
  • $75 USD