JMS Audioware

PanMaster 4000

Panmaster 4000 Screenshot

  • Pan in either direction seperately, or bidirectionally; this also affects the Tremolo's envelope
  • True mono-resistant equal energy panning
  • Many options for setting Speed, including 'Tap' and Set to Tempo
  • View LFO speed in Hertz, or Seconds and Milliseconds
  • Circular (looping) mode or One-Shot Trigger mode (automatable)
  • Very fast, hand optimized assembly language signal processing
  • Preset system, including user definable 'default' settings
  • Full automation of everything
  • Fully Functional demo (12 minute time limit, resetable -- build operations are also disabled).
  • Instant online purchase; immediately upgrade the demo version to full functionality
  • $40 USD