JMS Audioware

Batch File Generator Revision History

Version 0.6 changes:

  • Fixed nasty bug whereby some 24bit builds were actually 16bit audio padded with 8 extra empty bits. $%#^@!! Supreme apologies are in order! The installer has also been rewritten.

Version 0.5a changes:

  • Added customizable 'zero padding' to automatically generated filenames. The setting for the feature are accessed through the 'Setup' page.

Version 0.5 changes:

  • When loading an EDL, BFG window opens if it had previously been open
  • Column settings are correctly saved and restored
  • renaming a file inserted an extra period before the extension, if the extension was not manually entered. this has been fixed.
  • BFG would complain about buffer size changes when used after an IQS Levelizer -- this has been fixed.
  • Sometimes help file would fail to open -- this has been made more robust.
  • BFG window no longer minimizes when 'Help' button is pressed.
  • The 'Change Filename/Path" window now correctly shows other files of the same type in the destination folder
  • BFG's window is now placed behind SAW's progress bar to avoid obsctruction and allow cancellation of the build.
  • Corrected transparency issue on edges of Toolbar buttons.
  • BFG changes should now correctly trigger the EDL request update upon exit.
  • Context menus (right-click) were not functioning correctly on all systems -- this has been fixed.